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Unbutton the universe she built

Vesna Vuković,

Universe Unbuttoned

Published by the author. ISBN 978-154-066-678-9


«Universe Unbuttoned», Vesna Vuković-Džodan. Cover design: Tatsiana Shynkevich on a paint by Peter Hill

Vesna’s poetry surprises us, simple humans, because we have no other option than reading it as if it referred to the same cosmos we live in.

Many of us, at birth, were poured into a pre-designed world where we shape ourselves to the profile of the glass. In such a well known cosmos, we always knew wether to pack for warm weather or cold.

But when you see your family dissapear, your cup cracked, your country torn apart, when you realize that the only way is up, then, where to begin, if not from the end? As a beaver builds a dam to shape the flow of water, you cross the Ishtar Gate. Making choices that are being born even when you are asleep, combined with a sequence of accidents, you finally spill into the Milky Way of a new universe built on your own.

That’s the reason why we, who have found feathers only at the flock of birds, feel so good about what this world weaver has to say to us: River. Home. Photograph. Travel. Landscape. Childhood. Afternoon. Horizon. October. We become poised for greatness once we actually learn to see how different can be the flavours of these words from our universe to hers: Like looking from the inside or from the outside of a fishbowl.

Little things (having tea, sharing cookies…) change dimension. Inside an universe you built almost from scratch, you can travel far not moving from the room, from the chair. You know that the biggest things can be packed all in a tiny hole, somewhere between left and right of everyday existence, to be brought beyond that horizon you decided to cross. You are aware of how your cosmos shapes the liquids poured in, and you know that the sky can be opened just finding where to unbutton.

Do you dare? Unbutton here: