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Stellar Structure and Habitable Planet Finding

 Stellar Structure and Habitable Planet Finding was publshed by the European Space Agency as Special Publication number 485. The book contains the proceedings of the First Eddington Workshop, celebrated in Cordova (Spain) in 2001, with David Galadí-Enríquez as coordinator of its local organising committee. The proceedings were edited by Fabio Favata, Ian W. Roxburgh and D. Galadí-Enríquez. Download here the complete proceedings.

Eddington was a project for an ESA mission devoted to the search of extrasolar planets applying the photometric transit method. The mission would have been useful, too, for astroseismology studies oriented towards the study of stellar structure. The workshop discussed the mission profile, spacecraft, payload and scientific cases.

Unfortunately, ESA retired its initial support to this mission, leaving all the field of photometric exoplanet search from space to NASA, that successfully launched (2009) and operated the competing mission Kepler and, later, TESS (2018). Many years later, ESA is recovering part of the momentum lost with the cancellation of Eddington with the new Plato concept, that should be launched by 2026,  a quarter of a century after that first Eddington workshop in Cordova. Many ideas and experiences, as well as part of the original Eddington team, will help to the success of Plato in years to come.

Stellar Structure and Habitable Planet Finding
Favata F.; Roxburgh I.W.; Galadí-Enríquez D.Proceedings of the First Eddington Workshop: Stellar Structure
and Habitable Planet Finding (ESA SP-485). pp. 1 – 366. NoordwijkESA Publications Division, 2002. ISBN