About me

Born in Cordova (Spain) in 1969 and with a PhD in astrophysics, I am an active researcher in the field of observational astronomy and an experienced science communicator. I combine my academic activity in basic science with public activities as a science communicator in the most diverse contexts and formats.

My interest in science began when I was very young. I studied for a degree in physics (1987-1992) at the Universities of Granada and Barcelona and I obtained my PhD from the latter university with a doctoral thesis (defended in 1998) on astrometry and photometry of open star clusters.

I have been an associate professor at the University of Barcelona. Later I worked as a contract researcher at the Centre for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA) and at the Astrophysical Institute of Andalusia (CSIC). I currently work as resident astronomer at Calar Alto Observatory, where I have responsibilities in the coordination of the staff, coordination of the execution of observations, planning, instrument configuration, maintenance and new instrumental developments. I have made outstanding theoretical, technical and regulatory contributions to the study and protection of the quality of the night sky.

Currently I am the vice-NOC (vice-National Outreach Coordinator) for Spain of the Office for Astronomy Outreach of the International Astronomical Union.

I am the author or co-author of academic books, textbooks and popular works. I am involved in science communication activities in print, digital, radio and TV media. I have been involved in the conception, design, development, coordination and management of observational astronomy facilities: Montsec Astronomy Park, robotic telescope network of the Center for Astrobiology, Calar Alto Observatory (I was head of Astronomy Department and for several years I was also responsible for the department of public affairs).

I have teaching experience at several levels: in university, in secondary education and in non-regulated formats (summer courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.).

I am a member of the CB7 commission of the International Astronomical Union for the protection of existing and potential observatory sites. I am also a member of the Spanish Network of Studies on Light Pollution (REECL) the International Astronomical Union, the Spanish Society of Astronomy (SEA), the Astronomical Association of Cordoba (AAC), the Cordoba Teachers’ Association for Scientific Culture APCCC), Cel Fosc: Association against Light Pollution and ARP-Society for the Advancement of Critical Thinking (ARP-SAPC).